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Jul. 2nd, 2015 09:03 am
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May: HUGPUNX, Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, Shin Sekai Yori anime, Mikagura School Suite, Ultimate Otaku Teacher, Tale of Princess Kaguya, Elementary season 3, Castle season 7, New Girl season 4, Big Bang Theory season 8, Gotham season 1.

HUGPUNX: Fun little game-jam game, good for a quick smile. The music was essential. Figuring out I could hug three people and a cat in one go, as long as they were nearby, was both amusing and a little game-breaking: is it "cheating" to play the system rather than the fiction in this sort of thing?

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure: On the plus side, this is a heaping helping of Link to the Past style gameplay. On the down side, the puzzles can be terribly obtuse, even fiction-breaking. There are places where the puzzle solution directly contradicts everything that's been "taught" before, such as interacting between the Light World and the Dark. When some of these puzzles happen in the middle of getting walloped by bosses (some of whom provide little feedback on when they're being successfully hit), the teeth get to gnashing. A little more polish (when a GBA disconnects, the game isn't lose all progress on that level) and a bit more guidance on the puzzles and this could have been great co-op fun; instead it was just okay.

Shin Sekai Yori (anime): I got the impression from the manga notes that the author liked the manga better, but I think the anime hews closer to the novel (although I haven't read Fires of the Apocalypse yet). For taking 25 episodes to cover a single novel, the anime feels compressed, moving quickly to pack in all the detail. I think it falls down a bit (and the manga does better here) in not showing the casual cruelty of the children from the beginning. This isn't a favorite, but clearly the franchise (such as it is) got its hooks into me, and it doesn't really hurt for repeated visits in different media.

Mikagura School Suite: 2 episodes. Bland. Kinda obvious. Didn't care about the character, or situation, or find it terribly funny.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher: 2 episodes. Hey, we've seen GTO! Hate the main character. Not funny. Creepy, without the earnestness that (almost) redeems Onizuka.

Tale of Princess Kaguya: Not terribly familiar with the original. This adaptation didn't feel quite as long as it was (which is to say, quite long), but it still felt long and rambling. Parts were beautifully animated and others, just rather plain. All-in-all, I can't say why one should watch it; I didn't regret the time invested but won't revisit.

Elementary season 3: The series continues to get darker and more difficult, and I'm both intrigued and a little scared to see where they're going to go next season after the ending.

Castle season 7(!): I think we're ready to end it, as I keep saying. Serious props, though, for keeping a TV relationship interesting and dynamic into the marriage.

New Girl season season 4: Relied a little more on the funny and less on the just plain uncomfortable than season 3 did. I know I can just stop watching these things, but it's probably time to wrap it up...indeed, it seemed like they did, maybe nobody told them they got renewed?

Big Bang Theory season 8 (oh my): Hands-down best part of the season was dealing with the death of a cast member. It was written in brilliantly, funny and sad (if emotionally manipulative, successfully so), and the fallout carried down through the rest of the season. Otherwise...yes, a lot more of the same.

Gotham season 1: This has been a very interesting ride. I usually didn't look forward to the episodes, but was sucked in once they started. It's a little tough to see where it might go: there's a lot of time between the "present" and where we know the characters end up, and it already looks like the showrunners are more interested in the appearance of progression rather than risking finishing the story. And Barbara is just...poorly written.
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