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The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy, Truth, Lies and O-rings, KIZNAIVER, Anne-Happy, Big Order, And you thought there is never a girl online, Wagamama High Spec, Kumamiko, Three Leaves Three Colors, Castle season 8, New Girl Season 5, The Muppets, Elementary season 4, Big Bang Theory Season 9

The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy (Violet Blue): A really good starting point with link-outs to more detailed resources--really the point here is to be proactive and get going on the first steps, and leave aside the minutiae of everything that needs to happen once something's gone horribly wrong. Very web-oriented and sadly doesn't go into the welter of phone apps that can cause problems. Two bits of advice make me cringe. One is to google your social security number; while this can be informative, it has to be done really carefully or you're basically handling your social security number to Google and everybody in between. The other is a fondness for DMCA takedowns without much discussion of where they're applicable (or not). I'm not sure the solution to DMCA abuse is to democratize it.

Truth, Lies and O-rings (Allan McDonald): This is a deep and technical read, mostly quite good. It's a little heavy-handed--I think he made his point perfectly well without the occasional banging on it. There are a few cases of summarizing material from earlier in the book as if it weren't there and the reader were completely unfamiliar, which can be a bit jarring.

KIZNAIVER (2 eps): Maybe the most promising of the discards this season, but still couldn't stand up.

Anne-Happy (1.5 eps): Funny first episode, boring second.

Big Order (2 eps): Started out interesting but the second episode fell into "we're introducing the characters for our fighting anime."

And you thought there is never a girl online (2 eps): The setup of the first episode was funny, but after that the show is killed by Ako being clueless and annoying.

Wagamama High Spec (2 eps): Ceased to be funny, wasn't even worth the short runtime.

Kumamiko (1.5 eps): Hilarious first episode, second was just whiny brat and bear arguing.

Three Leaves Three Colors (1.5): Kinda liked the first episode, but the second fell apart...just didn't have the humor.

Castle season 8: Well, it's done, and the ending was terrible. The Big Plot of the season reached a slapdash resolution and the "capstone" for the whole series was smarmy crap.

New Girl Season 5: Oh, great, they didn't cancel it again, although once again the season ended as if it was the series ender.

The Muppets: I liked this; thought it managed to capture a lot of the feel of the original while remaining contemporary. Yes, there were definitely BBT-style Jokes of the Uncomfortable, but also some genuinely funny and absurd stuff. Too bad it didn't stick around.

Elementary season 4: Manage to upend it every season; as a result they keep getting further from the source material (and further down a hole) but it works.

Big Bang Theory Season 9: Is there anything left to say? We're still finding it funny, even if every episode has one or two of those "jokes" and there's no development or progression of any sort. Just turn the brain off and laugh for a bit.



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