Most of the Winter Hiking Program follow-up hikes didn't interest us (with our 4k focus), but Mohammed was leading this trip to a 4000-footer we needed, so it was a pretty easy choice. The trip... )
Nearing the end of the AMC Winter Hiking Program, we wanted to take on a nice easy 4000-footer to ease into winter conditions. Moosilauke seemed to fit the bill.
Late fall... )
Out of Boston in the morning to wend our way through backroads of New Hampshire up into Wonalancet for a post-Thanksgiving backpack. Breakfast... )
After sitting far too long in the wind and cold, we set forth along the ridgeline, immediately hitting snow on the trail. Boots would be nice.... )
Once again we woke up at the Hancock campground on the Kanc, having gotten in to New Hampshire the night before at a decent hour. Of course, we woke at 3AM and couldn't get back to sleep, but figured we'd go out for a Very Early start after another half hour.
This night was a fair bit warmer than the last...probably partly because of the full crowd in the bunkhouse. I slept straight through to reveille.
After a somewhat chilly night, I woke up for good about six as the croo got busy in the kitchen, so put a few clothes on and went to sit in the common room and watch the sun rise over Franconia Ridge.

For various reasons (I believe partly for the young members events, which the cynical can interpret as "meet chicks"), we joined up with the AMC. Given our member discount, it seemed appealing to drop the money to spend a few nights at the huts and not have to haul around food, shelter, and bag. So we planned another three-day to basically mop-up around Franconia Ridge.

Not a good start... )
I spent August quite busy, but in early September Erik reminded me we hadn't hiked for awhile. He suggested a dayhike and we eventually settled on Owl's Head since it involved a slide climb, which we didn't want to do once snow and ice came in. At a nearly 20 mile round trip, it's a pretty ambitious "day" hike.

Day... )
From the summit of Flume, we pushed along the Franconia Ridge Trail towards Liberty. Continued... )
This was the trip where we decided to get serious: we would bag a peak, we would start on the 4000 footer club, stay out for three days, etc. The plan was to ascend Flume via the Flume Slide and basically run along Franconia Ridge until we ran out of time, returning to the car via the bike path. (I think we had some vague idea of catching the AMC shuttle but didn't have a schedule or anything). Franconia Ridge has a far-too tempting cluster of 4000-footers, plus the Flume Slide has such a reputation that we had to be macho and take it on.

Reality... )



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